Mesker Warranty
Mesker quality means durability, performance and warranty

As inventors, the Mesker Brothers focused on quality, design and innovation. Today, we carry on their
tradition of precision in manufacturing the finest hollow metal doors, hollow metal frames and hollow metal
assemblies in the industry. No matter what you order from Mesker - from custom-made or standard N-series
hollow metal doors to our NVS seamless door or versatile Slide Lock Replacement Door, we guarantee
exceptional quality.

MESKER DOOR INC. warrants for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment all material
manufactured by us to be free from defects in workmanship under normal use and service. All such material
is supplied subject to this warranty. The company's obligation thereunder is limited to repairing or replacing
at it's option any such material which, upon examination is found to have been defective. This warranty is
expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and of all obligations or liabilities on it's part for
damages, including but not limited to consequential damages. No agent is authorized to assume for it any
liability except as set forth above. Nor does Mesker Door Company assume any liability for modifications
performed on materials after said materials leave Mesker's factory.

Your lasting satisfaction is our focus at Mesker Door

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