Mesker Stick & Mullion Frames
Create custom transom, side light, window, and wall section designs using Mesker's
innovative, pre-engineered stick sections. Our distributors can fabricate large custom
designs to fit your specifications, including a stick & mullion frame.

Our Z-shaped stiffeners, used in our 16 gauge or 14 gauge mullions, add rigidity and
strength to frame sticks, allowing our distributors to cut sticks of any length for a stick &
mullion frame.

Mesker's stick sections have the same quality construction as our standard stock
frames, and come in a variety of stock profile designs and widths, as well as in multiple
frame lengths. To reduce material and labor costs, we mass produce our stick sections,
making stick & mullion frames an affordable alternative to custom manufacturing

Our stick hollow metal frames and wall sections also give you an opportunity to "build
in" or install stick & mullion frames simultaneously with the masonry block or exterior
walls. You can then close in the building prior to pouring interior concrete slabs,
eliminating any weather-related, security and scheduling problems.