Mesker Hollow Metal Steel Stiffened Doors
A steel stiffened metal door is significantly stronger.

So, at Mesker, we manufacture some of the industry's finest steel stiffened doors,
because they were once innovative. But at Mesker, innovation never stops. So, if
you want the strength of a steel stiffened door, consider our revolutionary, NVS
seamless door, one of our newest innovations. Why?

Our NVS seamless door is lighter,
stronger, and more attractive than a
steel stiffened door, but it costs less.

It's true. Stiffeners increase the weight of a steel door, putting significant pressure
on the opening and sometimes making them difficult to open for seniors and
children. The vertical stiffeners in a hollow metal door also mean that pressure on
the corners or the sides of the door with cause it to twist. Last but not least,
stiffeners are welded into a steel door every six inches which may result in
blemishes on the surface.

But our fully welded seamless door does away with all of those disadvantages
while saving you money. For more about our amazing NVS seamless doors, click
on the link in the left hand menu and visit

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Steel Stiffened Door