Mesker Hollow Metal 6 Panel Doors
Why use hollow metal 6 panel doors? Beauty, safety, security and durability.

Compared to wood doors, our paneled doors enhance the beauty of a room while
giving you the unique benefits of hollow metal doors - safety, security and durability.

They're available in 2 panel door, 3 panel door, 4 panel door, 6 panel door, 8 panel
door, and 9 panel door configurations with our fine polystyrene core that's fully
bonded to the face sheets, giving you excellent door insulation and acoustical door
benefits in each paneled door.

Our paneled doors can be fire-rated from 20 minutes to 3 hours, and come in sizes
from 2'-8" to 3'-0" wide and 6'-8" to 7'-0" in height. Our paneled doors are available
in 18 gauge, A60 Galvannealed steel that allows you to match your 6 panel doors
with your décor by asking us to have them painted in any one of many Sherwin
Williams colors. Our wood grain 6 panel door is also available in 20 gauge A60
Galvannealed steel that allows it to be painted and stained. Our 6 panel doors
range in size from 2'-8" to 3"-0" width with a 6'-8" fixed height.

Our 6 panel door is our best selling hollow metal paneled door

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