Mesker NVS Seamless Doors
Introducing the patent-pending technology that's revolutionizing the strength and aesthetics of seamless doors.
Our NVS Seamless doors are continuously welded doors that more than double the strength of standard
seamed-edge doors - with no putty or filler. Backed by a lifetime structural weld warranty, NVS Seamless doors
offer unparalleled strength, quality and beauty that won't crack or change with time.

Lifetime Structural Weld Warranty on a Revolutionary Non-Handed Seamless Door.

Compare our NVS Seamless door edges with those of our competition.
The door putty will likely crack and break out. But year after year, the
NVS fully welded seamless door edge will look as solid and innovative
as the door itself.

Our seamless door tested 3 times stronger than a steel-stiffened door.

The Steel Door Institute requires that all doors meet rigid test requirements, in order to maintain the highest
quality standards for life safety and security. Our NVS continuously welded doors exceeded that standard by
three times. In the SDI Twist Test for steel doors, a door must meet the following criteria in order to pass the test
and meet the standard set forth: At 300# of force, the door must deflect no more than 1-1/4" in the opening.
When the pressure is released, the permanent deflection of the door must not exceed 1/8" in the resting state.
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NVS Doors
Our NVS fully welded seamless doors
are not only less expensive than steel
stiffened doors, but our fully welded
seamless door outperforms any
standard door. Consider our NVS
seamless doors, the ideal continuously
welded door for any hollow metal