Mesker N Series Standard Hollow Metal Doors
Mesker standard N-Series hollow metal doors have many
features that are add-ons with other manufacturers


Our quality steel doors are American made, manufactured by Mesker Door in Huntsville, Alabama. We
call them the "N"-Series because they're Non-handed (reversible), giving you much greater flexibility
when installing our standard N-Series hollow metal doors.

Each hollow metal door comes with the core of your choice-our standard polystyrene, or one of three
others - honeycomb, fiberboard or urethane. Our 1 3/4 inch N-Series are flush, constructed of two face
sheets of 16 gauge, 18 gauge or 20 gauge cold rolled steel, stretcher-leveled quality of flatness. The
vertical edges of our steel doors come with neat hemmed edge seams mechanically interlocked for
maximum structural integrity. All hinge reinforcements are 3/16 inch steel projection welded to the steel
door edge at three points above and 3 points below the hinge mortise. The top hinge reinforcement
extends to the top of the door and has three extra projection welds on the extended leg.
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