Mesker Masonry Frames
Masonry Frame F-Series

Our standard F-series masonry frame is the best stock hollow metal assembly in the industry. We use only the best
materials, such as 16 or 14 gauge cold rolled steel or A60 Galvannealed steel for corrosive applications. To insure
consistent and accurate quality, we also use state-of-the-art technology, such as our computer-controlled MIG
welders and an overhead trolley line paint booth. We surpass the industry requirements by using 3/16 inch hinge
reinforcements to outlast the heaviest hollow metal doors.

For our masonry frames, we've factory-installed plaster guards on all hinge and strike reinforcements. We've also
tack-welded, 16 gauge floor anchors for easy fastening on our masonry frames. All our F-series hollow metal
masonry frames are fire-rated 3 hour and receive an embossed UL or Factory Mutual label. Warnock Hersey (WHI)
labels are even available upon request.

For more than 150 years, we've been dedicated to craftsmanship, and you've find it in our masonry frame.

                                                           Hollow Metal is an art form at Mesker