Mesker Hollow Metal Door Installation
Mesker hollow metal doors install easily

Our innovative hollow metal door is so versatile that you avoid problems that may arise with other products.
All hinge reinforcements are 3/16 inch steel projection-welded to door edge at three points above and 3
points below the hinge mortise. Both N-Series and 14 gauge hollow metal doors have 16 gauge top and
bottom channels welded to door skins on 4 inch centers. All 1-3/4 inch doors have factory-installed box type
closer reinforcements to reinforce both sides of door. Standard hardware mortising for 1-3/4 inch doors are
4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch template butt hinges (3 per door in 6'-8", 7'-0", and 7'-2" sizes and 4 per door in 7'-10" and
8'-0" sizes) and either government 86 or 161 series locksets. Mesker hollow metal doors are also mortised,
drilled and tapped for other mortised hardware as required and reinforced for surface applied hardware. At
the bottom of this page is a graphic that depicts details of our hollow metal doors, including the

For hollow metal door installation specifications, please click the link below or click "tech data" above to
access our downloadable installation cut sheets.

                                                 Installing Hinges in Blank Edge Door

Mesker Hollow Metal Door Cutaway Details