Mesker N Series Standard Hollow Metal Doors
A Mesker Hospital Stop Means Cleanliness

Because cleanliness is vitally important in hospitals and senior care facilities, Mesker door offers a hospital
stop frame, also known as a terminated stop frame, as illustrated by this image. Our angled hospital stops
terminate at three optional heights from the floor - 4, 6 and 8 inches, which creates spaces that are easy to
clean. Mops and floor cleaning devices of all kinds can move under the stop, and get rid of bacteria and
microbes which cause infection. The hospital stops also provide easier access, by keeping the opening
clear, so bed wheels do not catch on the stop of the hollow metal frame when patients are moved in or out
of rooms.

At Mesker, we have the ability to apply anti-microbial paint to the hollow metal frame and hollow metal door
to further insure hospital environments are as sanitary as possible. Our hospial stop frames are also
fire-rated. Talk to your Mesker Door representative about all we offer to insure the safety and health of
patients, residents, visitors and employees, including our quality hospital stops.