Mesker Remodel Frame
Mesker remodeling frames are ideal for any existing wall structure, when you need a replacement frame. Comprised of six
individual components, our remodel frames are formed from rigid, 16 gauge or 14 gauge steel, and remodel frames can be
ordered in an array of profiles and jamb depths. Our remodeling frames are also adjustable with their individual header,
hinge jamb, strike jamb, and the counterpart trim sections that give every opening a custom fit. Our welded-in, 16-gauge
floor anchor and eight countersunk jamb holes for fastening to side walls even help speed installation of our remodel

Rehabbing, remodeling or simply needing a replacement frame? Mesker has just the remodeling door frame you need.

Remodel frames are another great Mesker innovation.

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Remodel Frames