Mesker Hollow Metal Frame Installation
The durability and ingenuity of our complete line of hollow metal frames is never more evident than when you're installing
them. Our knocked down hollow metal frames are rugged and durable, but can be put into place within minutes. Mesker
standard and custom hollow metal frames come ready to install. Frame corners are mitered, and provided with gusset, for
easy assembly. Plaster guards are also provided at all hinge and strike locations on F series hollow metal frames, along
with rubber mutes, three per strike jamb and two per head in a double swing frame. We'll also provide the anchors you
need for your wall conditions. Just let us know what you need, because your satisfaction is important to us.

For instructional videos that might help you with installation of a hollow metal frame or any of our Mesker Door products,
please visit our
Downloads page. For installation specifications on hollow metal frames or hollow metal doors, please either
click the red link below or click the Tech Data link above to access downloadable installation cut sheets.

Installation of drywall frames & masonry frames & closer reinforcements


• Closer Reinforcement - "Standard Closer Reinforcement Sleeve", "Standard Closer Reinforcement Bar", "Corner Bracket
Mounted Closer Reinforcement"

• Drywall Frame - "DJ Series Standard Steel Drywall Frames"

• Masonry Frame - "Standard Steel Frames", "Knocked Down Corners 4-3/4 inch", "Corner Assembly for 4 inch Face
Header", "3 inch and 3-3/4 inch Corner Detail Knocked Down Frames"

 Frame Profile Examples