Mesker Green / Hollow Metal LEED Door
Mesker is proud to support green building and sustainability. LEED, the Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design, is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of
high performance green buildings and LEED doors. Mesker's LEED doors and LEED frames contribute the
maximum number of possible credits for recycled content to the overall LEED certification of the building,
under "Materials & Resources: Credit 4 - Recycled Content."

Hollow metal LEED doors are recyclable and have been as long as most any material. The steel industry was
among the first to realize that their product could be melted and remolded cost-effectively without diminishing

Second, the core insulation of our hollow metal LEED door means it requires less energy to cool or heat a
building, saving significant energy.

Third, hollow metal LEED doors last a long time unlike many other disposables.

Fourth, "universal products" such as our standard N-series non-handed hollow metal LEED door means less
waste in production and distribution.

Last but not least, Mesker hollow metal LEED doors are made in the U.S., so less energy is used to get them
to you than many of our competitors who make their steel doors in other parts of the world and have them
shipped to the States.

U.S.-made Mesker Hollow Metal Doors help you meet LEED certification

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