Mesker Galvannealed Doors and Frames
We offer both galvanized doors and galvannealed doors, along with galvanized frames and
galvannealed frames at Mesker. So, we think it's important that you know about each of them. Both
galvanized steel and galvannealed steel are "hot dipped" into a bath of molten zinc that produces a
pure zinc coating on their steel surfaces.

Galvannealed steel receives a second step. The zinc-coated steel is super heated in an oven so that
a zinc coating and the top layer of the steel surface meld together to form a zinc-iron alloy
(approximately 90% zinc and 10% iron).

Why do we take that second step to "galvanneal" the steel for our galvannealed doors and
galvanneled frames? For three good reasons - painting, welding and scratch resistance. Try painting
or welding a galvanized door and galvanized frame - the result will probably be a mess. Galvanized
door and galvanized frame steel is only available from Mesker unprimed. Galvannealed doors have
more adhesive surfaces, so they're simple to paint and to weld. Third, a galvanized door or
galvanized frame coating is soft and easily scratched. A galvannealed door and galvannealed frame
coating is very hard, and not as easily scratched. We invite you to ask us more about choosing a
galvannealed door and galvannealed frame or a galvanized door and galvanized frame.

At Mesker Door, our cutting edge innovation means we provide you with options, solutions and value.