Mesker Drywall Frames
Drywall Frame FDJ-Series

Unlike our competitors, we use only 16 gauge cold-rolled or A60 Galvannealed steel for our FDJ-series drywall frames
that are designed to be pressure-fitted to the wall, improving unit life and ensuring durability with less torsion and
sagging. Our heavier gauge steel drywall frame means you have the option to weld in stronger 3/16 inch hinge
reinforcements to hang heavier wood or metal doors.

And just as important, our hollow metal drywall frame has an adjustable jamb lock for secure anchoring and two
dimpled holes at the base of each jamb to stabilize the drywall frame during installation. That means average
installation time is less than 5 minutes per hollow metal drywall frame - an important cost savings on every job. All of
our hollow metal drywall frames are also fire-rated 1-1/2 hour and receive an embossed UL or Factory Mutual label.

Enjoy the quality and cost-savings of our Mesker drywall frames.
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DJ Series Standard Steel Drywall Frames