Mesker 14 Guage Hollow Metal Doors
We don't stop refining our 14 gauge steel doors at Mesker. Ours doors have the
cost-savings flexibility of being non-handed with square edges. And they're flush,
constructed with two face sheets of 14-gauge steel, with a stretcher-leveled quality of
flatness. The vertical edges are ground and finished to give your hollow metal doors a
smooth and seamless appearance. All hinge reinforcements are 3/16 inch steel
projection-welded to the steel door edge at 3 points above and 3 points
below the hinge mortise.

Our 14 gauge hollow metal doors have 16 gauge top and bottom channels
welded to steel door skins on 4-inch centers with box type closer reinforcements
factory-installed to reinforce both sides of door. Standard hardware mortising is 4 1/2
x 4 1/2 inch template butt hinges and either government 86 or 161 series locksets.
Our 14 gauge hollow metal doors are also mortised, drilled and tapped for other
mortised hardware as required and reinforced for surface applied hardware. Each of
them is phosphatized inside and out and receive a factory coat of prime paint. For
more about our 14 gauge hollow metal door, just click the link for the tech data sheet.
Click to download a Technical Data Sheet:

14 Guage Doors